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"Exercise, physical and mental challenge, sporting camaraderie, and of course, the inevitable mud all rolled into one! Fun for all ages, abilities and cometitive natures

"Sunshine Orienteers is a small but wonderfully committed and friendly group that I am proud to be a part of". 


By becoming a member of Sunshine Orienteers, you'll be part of a fun and active group of people, as well as improving your navigational skills. You'll get reduced fees to all Orienteering events, Australia wide. 

Membership is based on a calendar year, starting January 1st. There are different classes of membership including Family and Senior. Membership provides insurance cover at events, a regular e-newsletter,  and a quarterly copy of  The Australian Orienteer

Due to the nature of the terrain on the Sunshine Coast, and our current membership dynamic, we predominately run Mountain Bike Orienteering events.  We do run some Foot O events both in the bush and in more residential areas. However, anyone wishing to join Sunshine Orienteers, can still compete in Foot O events, organised by other clubs. To become a member of Sunshine orienteers, you need to go to this website called EVENTOR.


Click on "Create User Account" (this is a one time only process so you'll need to remember your password) 

Then select the first option and click Proceed.

Follow windows filling in details as you go.