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ABOUT Mountain Bike Orienteering

Mountain Bike Orienteering is exactly that, orienteering on a mountain bike! It combines trail riding and navigation, using specially prepared maps, riders navigate along a network of tracks to checkpoints (controls). Each rider decides for themselves, the route they will take to visit each control in turn. The person who completes the course the quickest is the winner. You can be as competitive or as social as you like, with riders of all ages able to participate. 

Here are a couple of sample maps that may be of assistance: MAP 1 or MAP 2.

Orienteering is traditionally an individual sport but participation with a partner or in small groups is encouraged, particularly families. Course lengths vary from around 5 to 40km. Each event will have a number of courses, so you choose one to suit your level of ability. Terrain varies from predominantly flat pine forest to undulating natives forest.

Here are some videos from Orienteering Queensland about getting started with MTBO:

1. How to Get Started 

2. How to Navigate

3. Things you Need to Know

"Joining Sunshine Orienteers is a great way to make new friends and explore our beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland!" 

"Sunshine Orienteers is a small but wonderfully committed and friendly group that I am proud to be a part of". 

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