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Sample Maps

If you would like to see what an MTBO map looks like, you can download these sample maps.



A few things you need to know about MTBO maps.

- Always check the legend for an explanation of symbols on the map, the scale and the contour interval (how far vertically between each contour) before you start your race.

- The TRIANGLE is the starting point.

- The two circles, ONE INSIDE THE OTHER, is the finish point.

- The control site is in the CENTRE of the circle.

- There are 2 numbers next to each circle (control). The first number is the sequence of controls you have to visit. So 1-36 is the first control to visit, 2-45 is the second, and so on until you finish.

- The second number is the CONTROL IDENTIFIER. When you have found what you think is the control you are looking for, check that the number on this control is EXACTLY the same as this second number on your map. So 1-36 (the first control you are looking for), should have number 36 on it. 2-45 (the second one to visit) should have a number 45 on it. If the number on your map is not the same as the one at the control you have found, YOU ARE AT THE WRONG CONTROL.

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